Why H2O

Why Only H2O?

Healthy Hydrating anti-Oxidant Water

If you've done your research, you already know that Ionized, Alkaline water is the healthiest form of structured drinking water. Only Ionized water can give you ALL four key benefits:
    1. pH Balancing - our modern day lifestyle is heavy on acid forming foods, beverages, long hours, pollution and stress. High pH, alkaline water can help balance the body's pH before acids damage our cells and tissue.

    2. Anti-Oxidants - every glass of fresh ionized water has billions of negative ions which help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

    3. Super Hydration - water molecules are smaller allowing you to absorb 3-5x the amount of water you drink.

    4. Clean Mineralized Water - water is first filtered, when the minerals come in contact with the electrolysis plates, they become electronically charged for more efficient cellular assimilation.
There are many different water machines with different price points to choose from. Below are compelling reasons why the H20 System the Best Value available :


The performance of a water ionizer is measured by its ability change the pH and the negative charge in the water (ORP). Our machine produces a similar pH level of drinking water with a comparable ORP as the highest priced models on the market. Some people ask how many probes or electrodes does your machine have?...3…5…7…? The better question to ask is, "How much contact does the water have with the electrodes?" Our machine has 5 solid titanium electrodes with a patented Matted Construction to create over 600 cm2 of surface contact. Maximizing the surface area gives you a smaller size machine with more power to ionize! Most "cheap" water ionizers will perform well for the first 6-12 months but their performance diminishes over time as the electrodes become "calcified". What separates our machine from others is our electrodes are coated (not electroplated) with platinum AND our cleaning cycle is fully automated. The platinum coating resists corrosion, giving you a life expectancy of 15-20 years of continuous use. Other machines only clean at start up or while you are using them. H2O System cleans while you sleep, ensuring that any mineral build up is cleansed and flushed daily. The key to H2O System's consistent high performance over time is the effective electrode cleansing process.


Our machines have a 23 year track record with less than a 1% defective rate. Should the machine not perform to your expectations, your investment is protected by a 5 Year Replacement Warranty. This means if we cannot immediate repair your machine, you can choose to use a replacement unit until your unit is repaired. Other companies will offer you a 1 - 5 year warranty with many exclusions. Repair time often averages 4-6 weeks. We are the ONLY company that provides a warranty Replacement Option, so you'll always have an abundant supply of clean, fresh, H2O water. Our goal is to keep you happy while you become healthy!


There are two basic options when choosing water machines - "cheap" or "pricy." The cheap products are usually sold online ($1000-$2500) and are generally of a lower quality sourced from China. The Online resellers often change products and don't provide service or warranty and a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it. The "pricy" machines are usually sold through MLM systems ($2500-$4500) and are better quality but cost too much money. Most people who have seen these products love them BUT don't buy them.

The H2O Water Ionizer is where quality meets value. It is a high quality machine that retails for 1/3 or ½ as much as other brands. As exclusive distributors, we buy factory direct reducing product costs. Because we buy direct and payout less in marketing expenses, you get a better machine at a lower price. The H2O Water System gives you the best "bang for your buck".


Most household spend an average of $30-$50 per month on bottled water. Most bottled water is just filtered tap water which is often acid and deficient in essential minerals. Plastic in bottled water has been known to leach harmful chemicals (xeno estrogens / BPA) and they are creating environmental problems.

Regular filtered water is either expensive to maintain or doesn't provide safe levels of filtration. In addition, most people do not change their filters enough. When was the last time you changed your water filters?

You can now start enjoying your H2O Water for less than 2 cents a liter.
At such a low price, everyone can drink this healthy, hydrating anti-oxidant water.

Contact us today so you can experience the life enhancing benefits immediately!

Neutralize Free Radicals
Flush Acidic Waste
Super Hydrate
Balance pH

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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H2O Water Machine
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